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Organizations must continue to evolve their network infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their applications and users. Mobile, social, and media applications require “always-on” capability and a much higher level of network performance, redundancy, and protection than ever before.

Everything from collaboration services such as telepresence, video conferencing, virtual desktops, and real time voice to websites and networks, requires scalable, secure, and manageable approach to architecture design.

Our team is uniquely qualified to address your challenges at the global level, having successfully designed, developed, and deployed some of the largest and heavily utilized Internet applications.

When it comes to IT security today, the stakes have never been higher. Apart from lost information, stolen data, service disruptions and compliance issues, organizations must also contend with a constant barrage of new security threats and vulnerabilities that put their intellectual property, customer privacy, and overall reputation at risk.

Crossvallia has unique experience in security consulting, ranging from secure network designs, to traditional computer forensics and dissection of intrusions, to innovative, proactive protections against application and DDoS attacks.

Our compelling value proposition includes a holistic approach to security, helping you to plan and coordinate a wide range of security initiatives across your business, as well as to focus on security as means of improving uniformity, speed, and agility of your web applications and other systems. Our security advisors span all important disciplines, including Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, secure infrastructures (firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems), use policy development, application security, incident response, and vulnerability and threat management.

IT service management is an operational discipline which combines people, processes, and platforms to deliver world class service orchestration. Our service management goes beyond the layers of host and network management systems; we focus on everything from conceptual design to practical implementation, deployment, and monitoring of your applications.

Crossvallia brings together not just the technology and the process acumen, but also deep expertise in the underlying foundations and building modular service oriented architectures, whether private, public, or hybrid.

We offer a complete service and product lifecycle. Our experts have implemented multiple successful application architectures powering some of the most popular Internet websites. We have unique, all-encompassing experience to give your applications a rocket boost.

The world is undergoing a paradigm shift as traditional network elements are transitioning to distributed and cloud-based models. Public or private cloud computing and storage allow organizations to take advantage of more cost effective and flexible IT services.

Crossvallia has unique experience in implementing cloud storage and cloud computing solutions as well as using popular existing vendors’ services.

We have truly extensive experience in large scale data center infrastructure design and deployment.

Hidden Simplicity

Every project involves a vast number of supporting elements hidden beneath the visible. We are experts in all the technologies involved in running anything from personal secure servers to global web applications. Our unique experience makes us an ideal partner in your next business venture or planned traffic growth.

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